children2Amidst the excitement of getting reacquainted with old friends and making new ones, inevitably there is anxiety and new challenges that must be met.

The start of a new school year can bring about as many stresses as it can happy moments. As stressful as the new school year is for us, it can be just as stressful for our kids. A new school year means new teachers and a new class. It means harder work and more pressure to do well. The tests are harder and the homework takes longer. We might stress because we have trouble with common core math, but that is a very short period of time out of our day. It is something the kids are working with every day.

The following are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Try to encourage the notion of a new challenge that needs to be met
  2. Whatever negativity occurred last year is in the past and this year represents an opportunity for a new beginning

There are things we can do to help relieve some of the stress that our kids are feeling, not to mention the stress of the parents.

What can you do as parents?

  1. Look to utilize your listening skills in order to better ascertain your child’s concerns
  2. Begin to discuss with your children the importance of developing new routines after what was probably a less structured summer
  3. Be mindful of the importance of sleep and curfew in terms of facilitating improved performance and emotional health
  4. Recognize the individuality of your children i.e. some may do better by coming home doing their homework right away, while others need a break before they can pursue that same task
  5. Look to continue to pursue meaningful communication related to their school experience i.e. involvement with friends, teachers, school work, projects.

childrenRemember this is what their life revolves around during their day as much of yours pertains to your office and family commitments.

Most importantly, communicate with your child. Talk about their day, and really listen to their answers. Not only do kids love to talk about what is going on in their lives, you may pick up some hints of things they may not be telling you.

Sometimes stress and anxiety are serious enough where basic things like a routine and open communications isn’t enough. If the stress from school is overwhelming for your child, contact us at Stress Solutions.