Care for your children the right way

Modern-day families present many challenges that are new for both parents and their children. Stay up-to-date on the most influential practices used to help make your home life stress free.

Why do problems exist?

  1. Despite the fact we are in the midst of a technological explosion, many of today’s families experience more polarization and isolation, as well as less intra familial communication and connectedness.
  2. Although we also know a great deal more about medical and developmental needs of our children than in the past, and even with our increased knowledge of parenting, raising children today can be more challenging than in the past.

Identify your child’s needs

Need help understanding what your child is experiencing? Stop by our office. With more than 30 years of experience, we have seen it all and watched the generations change. No matter the problem, we have therapy techniques that can find relief for your family.

Some of the problems we see include:

  • Difficulties with concentration and attention
  • Anger and defiance
  • School adjustment issues
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Handling separation and divorce
  • Integration with blended families
  • Changes in appetite and sleep
  • Bullying behaviors

After examining the issue, we proceed by doing a comprehensive evaluation to appropriately identify your child’s needs. Once an assessment is made, interventions may include individual, parent, and family counseling or any appropriate combination of the preceding. If it is felt that medication may be warranted an appropriate referral will be made for that purpose.