family-enjoying-happy-holidays-graphicEvery year the much awaited holiday season comes. Invariably, along with its arrival, there is a good amount of additional stress that comes along with it as well. If you are the host this can emanate from basic tasks of meal preparation, who to invite, who not to invite, and once they come, how to effectively deal with your guests.
An additional area of stress has to do with the notion of this being the season of families coming together. It also represents a period of time which can be very sensitive and emotionally challenging as we become more in touch with the fact that we are triggered by memories from the past – when families were whole. This time of year was simply regarded as more joyous and eagerly anticipated. So now we are reminded of those significant others who are no longer with us either through death, divorce, or other related reasons.

If you are stuck in terms of addressing current or previously unresolved issues it is important to recognize that you can get unstuck. If you are interested in getting your issues resolved more quickly then by all means you should avail yourself of that opportunity.

Please feel free to call to get unstuck – feel good now, and feel free for a lifetime!!

Wishing you all a joyous healthy and happy holiday season.