This article was written by a colleague and is being posted here with permission…

For some, Tuesday’s results are an achievement…for many others, not so much. For some, there are other issues that are overwhelming and traumatic that have nothing to do with the election.  In this non-partisan message (that is bigger than the election), I simply encourage you to feel whatever comes up for you.  As we clinicians know…repressing, denying or compartmentalizing our feelings is not healthy. In some instances they are temporary coping mechanisms that allow us to breathe and prevent breakdown.  But our brains and bodies are not wired for long-term repression…which we know is not only unhealthy, but brings many of our clients to our couches for relief and treatment later on.

So if you are grieving as a result of the election results…loss of a loved one (human or animal)…navigating a new normal of any kind (empty nest, divorce/separation/break-up, financial loss or change)…or anything that doesn’t have you in a good space…

  • Breathe
  • Feel the feelings
  • Seek support
  • Look for inspiration in nature
  • Meditate
  • Organize within the community
  • Create art
  • Scream
  • Take a long drive
  • Talk to/get a therapist  (and whatever else will support you in working through your feelings and allowing them to do their job and move on.)
  • Don’t deny them
  • Don’t stuff them away
  • Don’t make yourself feel guilty for feeling the way you do
  • Don’t think you are alone

And…if you are experiencing joy for any reason, please revel in it! Let it beam from within and inspire everyone near you. Joy feels so good, doesn’t it?

And I know, without any doubt, that you have all you need for your own healing and inspiration within your reach. So…reach…