As we are approaching the Spring holidays of Passover and Easter, once again it is not unusual for us to encounter additional stress.This is the case for both hosts and guests alike. Not only do we need to address the mundane chores of shopping and meal preparation, but things become more complicated when we move onto who to invite and who not to invite. Once we get to the event we are faced with even more challenges such as who to sit next to or who to avoid. The holidays also summon up older unresolved emotional issues. It is not unusual for us to be triggered by fond memories of earlier holiday gatherings when our families were whole. Quite often we are reminded of loved ones who are no longer in our lives either because of death, divorce, or relocation. Feelings of longing and sadness are not uncommon. At Stress Solutions we can easily address those painful memories in as few as two sessions. Please feel free to call for a free phone consultation to learn how you can feel better now and feel free for good!