An Absolute Blessing

Power & Control

My experience with Stress Solutions Of NY was an absolute blessing. I didn’t see it at first because I was like many, believing I didn’t belong in a Power and Control therapy class. Although I felt that way, I as always, paid close attention to the methods of Bill Solz. His technique on Havening and finding your inner peace was awesome and something I continue to use when needed. I also found that being able to sit with a group of people that were not judgmental of you or your situation but supportive and open about their own shortcomings was very refreshing.

Bill was a conduit to me finding a peace in me that needed to be let out.

Thank you Bill Solz and Stress Solutions of NY for caring about my life. – F


Forever in our Hearts


Just talking with my now 17 year old son at graduation about all the people that helped him on his journey and you are forever in our hearts for the hands you held out to him since his dad had died 11 years earlier.


Caring and Knowledgable


Bill is one of the most caring and knowledgeable therapists I have ever met. Bills methods are cutting edge and assist for quick recovery for past trauma which has led me to a more healthier life since I’ve met him.


In Distress


I came for Bill’s services since I was physically, mentally and emotionally in distress – you were able to determine that the physical was directly affected by the mental and emotional – the stress and anxiety caused by the car accident on top of family baggage was toooooo much to handle and you taught me how to cope and deflate the anxiety

I can drive (still not on highway but that is partially due to recovery from broken femur)

My sincerest thanks for your assistance, guidance and instruction.


Immediate Results


I have been to a few of the typical “talk therapists” to try and improve myself with regards to relationship issues with my wife, with not any meaningful results. After one session with Bill Solz, and his techniques which is much more than just talk therapy, I felt immediate results, that where even noticeable to my wife. I highly recommend him to those seeking actual results from therapy!


Set Me Free


Havening worked much better for me than I would have expected. I had a recent trauma which affected the way that I thought of myself as well as my self-concept on how successful I could be. The experience that I had with havening was one that seemed to set me free of this past experience. I am extremely happy with the results and would recommend to anyone who is considering havening to give it a try!


Sincere Appreciation


I wanted to extend my sincere appreciation to you for your help with a familial dynamic that was deteriorating quickly. After only one Havening session with you, the transformation began. That was 7 months ago and the effects have been lasting. I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to this powerful tool. Everyone should be the beneficiary of this stress-reducing technique. Thank you . Thank you!


One Session


After one session with Bill, I was able to resolve an issue that had held me back and caused me a great deal of emotional and physical stress. I was truly impressed with Bill’s knowledge and empathy for my situation that I needed to breakthrough to take my social life, business life and personal life to the next level. I would definitely refer Bill to family and friends.



Thank you so much Bill for that wonderful evaluation. It’s as if you really know me. Truly, I really appreciate what you do, and that there’s someone out there like you who can skillfully serve justice to those who deserve it. Thanks again, Bill.



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Play this testimonial video.